RediCare VIP


RediCare VIP is an affordable health plan to meet the ACA Individual mandate and certain employer mandates. It is also a perfect way to save thousands of dollars of out-of-pocket costs with a high-deductible plan

Executive Summary

As an integral part of the Vault Captive Health Plan program RediCare VIP brings a series of enhanced health management programs, which not only extend the employer savings of the Vault program, but also provide desirable and beneficial health benefits to your employee base, along with effective and proven risk migration efficacy.

The net outcome of this integration is to provide a further 13%+ health care spend savings across the eligible population year in year out, through the lifetime of the program.

THe Model

The model operates across three distinct channels:

The population health platform provides for a clinically based risk assessment of each employee and places them
on personalized risk management strategies to address and help manage the key disease risk identifiers for both

In addition to the personal tiers and interventions, monthly group programs, targeting the identified high cost
areas within the organization, supplement the individual tiers to drive down the predicted heath care costs for
the company.

A series of chronic disease programs are additionally deployed to identified status individuals, to provide
enhanced disease management and assure cost containment in the care requirements of those individuals.

From Obesity through Diabetes and Musculoskeletal, the programs all have evidenced efficacy in effective
management of the individual.

The final part of the picture is provision and access to a range of qualified clinical practices and service providers
to provide episodic, preventative and chronic care of the employees.
These will include no-fee/bill access to:

1. Urgent Care
2. Primary Care
3. Labs

These services cover approximately 80-90% of a typical employees’ (and if desired, employee’s family) care

The deployment and utilization of these services adds a further layer of spend reduction, as well as indirect
benefits of easy and convenient access (reducing work downtime) and highly valued benefit to the individual and
their family.

What gives members VIP status?

• No Co-pay, No Deductibles, Zero Balance Billing 
• No appointment needed for Urgent Care offices 
• 24/7 TeleMedicine is included with no consultation fee 
• Everyone under 65 is accepted without Medical Underwriting 
• Personal health management tools on the App 
• Virtual personal health coach to guide you

How Being a VIP Works

The Implementation

The deployment model for RediCare is through a two-phase program.

Phase 1 – deployment of the population health management platform
Phase 2 – release and access to the clinical service providers

A full implementation guide will be provided for these, which starts with a client workshop to establish employee
communication models, any incentive models and advanced employer communication possibilities, strategies
and scheduling to employees via the RediCare technology suite.

Implementation Timings

Post implementation workshop, the platform can be made live and available to employees within as little as 24 hours, depending upon any client specific requirements. 

Clinical services would be expected to be available, post platform deployment, within a 3-6 month time period (though my be faster dependent upon provider discussions).

Next Steps

  • Establish implementation workshop. 
  •  Approve employee on-boarding communication materials. 
  • Platform Go Live.

Post Go Live we will run quarterly review periods with Vault and Client Team to review utilization, effectivity and
opportunities for improvement.

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